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KoMotion Technologies, LTD is an advanced technology consulting firm focused on transforming today’s businesses with tomorrow’s Disruptive Technologies.

This intense focus ranges from extreme Product Innovation to new low cost/no cost manufacturing shop floor improvements aimed at dramatically increasing productivity. KoMotion Technologies, driven by Dr. Joseph A. Kovach, has a solid record of developing new technology-based businesses while streamlining production operations, engineering staff, and improving bottom-line profitability.

Dr. Kovach and his team offer a unique combination of detailed theoretical understanding coupled with nearly 40 years of practical hands-on experience covering a wide range of industries. Kovach, a former V.P. of Corporate Technology Ventures for the Parker Hannifin Corporation, is proud of the breadth and depth of KMT relative to understanding, developing, communicating and implementing powerful technical solutions for complex business challenges.

Whether you’re in the Industrial, Aerospace, Truck/Automotive, Marine, or Medical sectors, KoMotion Technologies stands ready to make a dramatic impact on your business today.