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About KoMotion Technologies & Dr. Joseph A. Kovach, CEO

Dr. Joe Kovach established KoMotion Technologies after retiring from Parker Hannifin Corporation, where he was the Vice President of Corporate Technology Ventures (CTV).  This entrepreneurial corporate R&D team was focused on creating new global businesses which leverage advanced product and manufacturing technologies in the areas of human motion and control, hybrid vehicle systems, advanced composite materials, and hybridized distributed power generation.

Currently, the CTV team is in the pre-production qualification stages of launching an advanced prosthetic exoskeleton for people with spinal cord and other mobility-inhibiting injuries.

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Prior to this position, Dr. Kovach was the Vice President of Technology & Innovation for Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Group worldwide.  In this capacity, he actively led Parker’s Energy Recovery Systems development for vehicles (RunWise), next generation hydraulic Pump/Motor developments, and advanced sensor and control technologies.

Key technologies included hybrid hydraulic and electric components for on and off-road vehicles, next generation actuators, carbon composites, intelligent control systems, and variable power-split transmissions.  His product development and manufacturing efforts led to the new commercialization of 6 new business units with potential revenue exceeding $1.6 Billion, including the start-up of a new Hybrid Drive Systems (HDS) Division.